Europe Cruises and Ferries

Europe cruises and ferries

European river cruising is a popular vacationing idea that over the years has gained significant amount of interest among the travellers. A number of tourists looking forward to a European vacation are considering touring the nations on a river cruise. European river cruises are gaining more popularity amongst cruise lovers simply because you get to tour many different parts of Europe. A river cruise around Europe would provide tourists with special experiences which would not be experienced otherwise.

Another great advantage of a European cruises on the river is that you can be taken to locations that are off the beaten track. Some locations are unreachable just by land. When you join a cruise, you can go to these special places in the most convenient way possible. In a way, you get a maximised vacation when you choose a river cruise.

You can enjoy all the amenities and luxury in a cruise ship, without worrying about anything. When you travel by yourself by land, you would be presented with a lot of concerns such as the time you need to depart from wherever you are so that you would not run out of time when you get to your next destination.

Another thing you can enjoy as much when you choose a European river cruise is the breathtaking views from your ship. A cruise ship offers passengers the best views that other travellers would not be able to experience. You can wake up to the sunset or the sunrise, with a clear view of everything.

Also, you do not have to carry all your stuff whenever you get to a new place. You just have to leave your things in your cabin, lock your door, and just take with you the things you would need for the day. You can hike, bike or just shop without the hassle of carrying heavy bags.

River cruises in Europe are a great way for you to enjoy travelling in the most comfortable and luxurious way. You can find a lot of affordable cruise packages online.

Europe Cruises and FerriesRome

If you want to reach Rome, cruising through the ocean and the sea waters, the starting point of your journey is Florida.

Between Florida and Rome, there lies a vast ocean, several seas, a major part of the European Continent and many important port cities in between. There are many such major cruise lines that offer such voyage.

With regard to the range of duration, the long stretch of seafaring takes up a minimum of two weeks to more than a month.

Cruise ships dock at the port of Civitavecchia, which is situated 50 miles north-west of Rome.

Following is the list of the cruise lines that offer the sea trail from Florida to Rome:

  • Holland America: The cruise line offers 4 cruises from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Rome. One of them is a 14 – Day Passage which cruises through Portuguese Azores Islands, Spain before reaching port Civitavecchia of Rome. There are two 24 – Day cruises: one is Passage to Rome and Southern Caribbean Seafarer, and the other is Passage to Rome and Mediterranean Mosaic. Also, there is a 30 – Day Casablanca and Mediterranean Rivieras Explorer from Fort Lauderdale to Rome.
  • Princess: Princess Cruise’s 25 – Day West Mediterranean Grand Adventure cruises right from Fort Lauderdale of Florida through Portugal, Gibraltar, Spain and then to Italy – final ports are in either Naples or Rome.
  • Celebrity Cruise: This cruise line offers a 14 – Day Western Europe Transatlantic cruise from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Port Civitavecchia, Rome
  • Oceania: Oceania’s Sirena Soliloquy offers a 37 – Day cruising from Miami to Rome.


The most important mode of transportation in Venice has always been the waterway. StazioneMarittima is the hub at the western part of the Venetian island where smaller boats, as well as cruise ships, arrive. To reach the cruise terminals from Piazzale Roma, the following options are to be noted:

  • People Mover – This mode of public transportation was started in 2010 and operates from 7 am in the morning to 11 p.m., from Monday to Saturday. It takes a little less than 3 minutes to reach Piazzale Roma and costs around EUR 1.30 per person.
  • Taxi Cab – takes about 2 minutes
  • Water Taxi – The water taxis and water buses are available at the price of EUR 8-15 and take you to Piazzale Roma within 30-75 minutes of a boat trip. Although it must be noted that the water buses have limited seat capacity, so you might have to end up waiting for around 30 minutes or more for the next boat or ferry to arrive. An alternative solution is available for the visitors who can travel in style from the same jetty simply by hiring speedy water taxis which costs around EUR 110.

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