Best Hotels, Apartments and Hostels in Europe

Find the list of best hotels in Europe

Best Hotels in Europe

Whatever you financial plan, there are no deficiency of places to sleep and eat while wandering around Europe. In this section, you’ll gain knowledge of  how to find the Best hotels in Europe to fit your travel style.







Best hotels in Europe – Paris Hotels

Hotels close to The Louvre
Hotels close to Le Marais
Hotels close to the Latin Quarter
Hotels close to Saint-Germain des Pres
Hotels close to the Eiffel Tower
Hotels close to Champs Elysees
Hotels close to Montmartre

Apartment Rentals

  • For those tourists who intend to stay for a longer time, renting a beautiful furnished apartment is more comfortable and cost-effective option.
  • There are several online websites for booking these apartments and it is very important to choose the correct neighborhood to stay.
  • The Marais and Saint Germain are the best neighborhoods to choose from because apart from the picturesque sightseeing options around this area, you will also find a cultural mix in these areas.
  • The apartments in these areas are available in various price range and the quality varies accordingly. So be wise while choosing.


Best hotels in Europe – Rome Hotels

Hotels near Historic Centre or Centro Storico
Hotels in Inner Suburbs
Hotels in Outer Suburbs

Rental Apartments

For those who intend to put up a more extended stay, its best recommended to go for rental apartments.


Best hotels in Europe – Florence Hotels

Florence City Center
Hotels close to Airport
Hotels close to Railway Station
Hotels close to Piazza del Duomo
Hotels close to Piazza dellaRepubblica
Hotels close to Piazza Santa Croce
Hotels close to MercatoCentrale
Hotels close to Boboli Gardens

Apartment Rentals

Rental apartments are the best solution for anyone holidaying and planning to stay in the city for a few days and maybe over a week or so. If you wish to have several rooms for your family, enjoy the comfort of having a kitchen and want more space than the hotel room generally offers, then rentals are the perfect solution. They provide all the modern comforts just like a budget hotel, including washing machine, air conditioning, etc. But while choosing the apartment keep in mind that the apartment must be close to the historic sites or at least in the surrounding areas so that you can easily enjoy the beauty and magnificence of the city taking your own sweet time and at your own pace.
There are certain hotels, which are more oriented towards the business travelers, are known to offer exclusive discounts and reduced rates during slow weeks or weekends, like Star hotel Michelangelo and Baglioni. Also, check the official website of the hotels you wish to stay as most of the hotels offer special offers on online hotel reservations. Also, the railway station provides a tourist information center for the tourists where you can make hotel reservations as well, and you might be lucky to get any last minute offer.


Best hotels in Europe – Venice Hotels

Hotels in San Marco
Hotels in Castello
Hotels in Santa Croce & San Polo
Hotels in Dorsoduro
Hotels in Giudecca and Lagoon Islands
Hotels close to Airport
Hotels close to Railway stations
Hotels close to Cruise terminals

Apartment Rentals

If you plan to stay in Venice for a longer period of time, the best option for residing would be to rent a vacation apartment as these apartments are extremely comfortable and cost-effective. During the recent times, the number of people residing at vacation apartments has been increasing with a constant drop of tourists residing in hotels. There are many reasons for this sudden shift in trend:

  • First and foremost, these apartments have more space than hotels. The apartments are mostly multi-suit rooms, along with a self-service kitchen, allowing you to be independent as well as cost-effective than hotels where you will have access to just a single or double rooms.
  • The self-service kitchen is a big boon if you are traveling with your family or going on a honeymoon and don’t feel like going out to a restaurant every time you feel hungry.
  •  Also these apartments give you the feeling and experience of living in Venice like a local, leading normal lives, going to the market, etc. and not like tourists who just travel all throughout the day and rest in their hotels.

This option is more effective and works perfectly if you are planning to stay in Venice for over a period of several days. There are several small-sized apartments too which rent for few days and offer its customers with hotel-style amenities. The best apartment districts include Dorsoduro, Castello, Cannaregio, San Polo, San Marco, and Santa Croce.


Best hotels in Europe – Milan’s Hotels Rentals

Hotels close Duomo and City Center
Hotels close to Montenapoleone and Brera
Hotels close to Navigli
Hotels close to Parco Sempione
Hotels close to Public Gardens and Central Station
Hotels close to Malpensa Airport

Apartment Rentals

There are several great apartments which are available for rental in Milan. So the long-term tourists have a wide variety of options and different areas from which the perfect choice can be made and each area of the city has its own distinctive atmosphere as well as character. Some of the districts which are perfectly suited for apartment rentals include:

  • Bicocca
  • Port Romana
  • Navigli
  • City Center

The 1 bedroom apartments cost around EUR 1,029.41 per month and the price ranges from EUR 750 to EUR 1,300 depending on the area of the city and its close proximity to the city center. The 2 bedroom apartments on the other hand are quite expensive and cost around EUR 1,600 per month.

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