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European countries and regionsBeautiful, awe-inspiring, fragile, exhilarating, calm, fun, mythological, a gourmet’s delight, historically important, culturally rich and complex are some of the words that can be used to describe Europe.

From North to Southern Europe, from traditional tours to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Europe Wandering, the best travel guide has something for every kind of traveller. It gives exclusive information about the European countries and regions connecting people and cultures through food and unique experiences.

Visiting Europe is a life-changing event that everyone should experience at least once. Even so, if you do not take time out to see some of the gems that Europe has to offer, the trip will not be worth taking at all. Some of the best places to visit in Europe are landmarks that will transform your vacation into the trip of a lifetime.

Europe is the most popular international destination for Americans and according to the latest research, American travellers highly regard the European countries not only for its history, culture, and cuisine but also for their historical connection with many Americans having fought in 2 World Wars, having a family link with or being able to trace their ancestry all the way back to Europe.

Europe in terms of population it is probably the third-largest continent with about 11% of the world’s population representing a changed and changing tapestry of cultures, languages, and borders with 50 separated countries and their citizens who increasingly identify themselves as European rather than English, French or Italian, now forming the European Union.

Whatever your idea and expectations of what constitutes a dream holiday, the European destination will fulfill your expectations beyond compare. And what is especially important for tourists is the absence of visa restrictions within the 28 countries forming the European Union.

Although there are variations, the European continent enjoys a very pleasant climate which is classified as temperate. But generally speaking, we have warm summers and cool winters – the perfect backdrop to an enjoyable Eurotrip.

You’ll wander through beautiful landscapes shaped by generations, medieval villages, vineyards and dramatic mountain panoramas. Whether you want to experience the Alpine splendour of Austria or Switzerland, sample the fine foods and rich culture of Italy or Spain, or indulge in the passion of France, we have it covered.

Europe is home to some of the most charming places in the world. Tourists who wish to immerse themselves in food, art and culture will find that Europe has the best attractions to offer. If you’re currently considering a tour, there are countless numbers of best places to visit in Europe.

Some of the major cities on this diverse continent include Paris, Venice, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Copenhagen, Vienna, Brussels, Athens, Dublin, Zurich, Lisbon, Budapest, Rome, Madrid, Florence, Prague, Barcelona and Frankfurt.

When travelling by plane, there are 4 major air travel hubs available in Europe, London, Frankfurt, Paris and Madrid. If you travel by train, there are numerous trains available for transportation, ranging from adventure trains to transportation travel trains. If travelling by bus, there are also many options available as Eurolines connects 500+ destinations. Touring by bus can sometimes be just as expensive as flying as low cost flying exists almost everywhere.

If you plan to rent a car during your travels around Europe, you can actually rent a vehicle cheaper if you make the reservations in advance before arrive in Europe.

If you are going to be travelling in Europe for an extended amount of time and want to hire a car, it can often be cheaper to lease a car instead. Many companies such as Renault USA lease cars for a certain amount of months.

There are thousands of hotels in Europe having comfort levels and offer facilities of different kinds. However do take care while booking your hotels in Europe as many people there are constantly waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting tourists who are not familiar with things like room tariffs and transportation costs in European cities.

The online sources help people to explore options available for stay in Europe and book one in advance. There are around 30,000 hotels in major cities, towns and villages of Europe. And the online bookings are secure and instantly confirmed. There are various European travel guides too available that helps to select discount hotels in Europe.

The most important thing to do before you leave is to call your bank and inform about the countries you are travelling in Europe. Travellers travelling to Europe should check their country currency and EUR exchange rates. Exchange rates change every day. That is one thing travellers should keep in mind. Although you can typically exchange money in the airport when you arrive in Europe, it is best to have some Euros before you leave.

The easiest way to exchange money in most European countries is to simply use your Visa or Master card. You will always get the best exchange rate when you take money out of an ATM or pay directly with a credit card when you are in Europe.

Be sure to check the World Health Organization for information regarding your destination well in advance of planning your trip.

To make your trip unforgettable just plan out your trip with Europe Wandering this time, this europe travel guide is the best solution which let you design your trip in the most efficient way.

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