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Travelling to Europe can show thrilling times and with there being many modes of transport available, this can provide that chance to further discover the attractions that Europe has to offer. There are many countries to choose from when visiting Europe, with each country having something for everyone to enjoy whether it is a short or long term holiday that is planned.

The main modes of transport available when travelling around Europe has normally been by way of trains, air planes and buses. A better thought however, is to plan on renting a car during your stay. Hiring a car to drive across Europe is a particularly useful preference and one which is becoming more popular now a days; its flexibility being able to provide that extra independence when planning sightseeing expedition.  With a car rental you have the suppleness to go where you want to, when you want to. It can also end up a lot cheaper than taking taxis and tour buses to the places that interest you (especially if you are a couple, a family or travelling in a group), something you can’t really deal with, to do when travelling by alternative means.

It is usually a more cheaper to reserve a car rental in advance of the trip, as conflicting to renting one from the closest car rental depot to your hotel. There are plenty of car rental companies that offer the ability to check rates and make reservations online.

Use a car rental websites which checks a selection of the main Car Rental Companies and offers you the best price for the particular day you are travelling on. Check several websites before you book. You will be amazed by the variety of quotes you receive and by the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive quote, for the same car on the same day. Make sure that you are comparing the quotes given by different companies. Some car rental companies offer “all comprehensive” quotes which means what they quote is what you will pay when you reach your destination to rent the car; including insurance and taxes. Other company’s leave the insurance out and then you are hit with a much bigger price when you arrive to rent the car. As long as you are renting with a brand name car rental company, you will be offered a new, low mileage car, so choose the service that offers the best price.

If car rental is a well thought-out choice for travelling across Europe then there are many different types of cars available to decide from, and depending on the period and number of people occupied in your journey, the preference of car made will meet your personal needs; whether it’s a small, economical vehicle or a family-sized car you are considering renting.


The best way to travel around the popular cities of France is through car travel because the real freedom and enjoyment that car travel offers is much desired for exploring cities in France. Cruising through the south of France, there are many attractions like museums and restaurants to experience. Visiting these attractions is most suitable with a car because busy public transport systems can be frustrating at times. As hiring a car in France from the airport is simple, one can sit back and drive through the delightful country lands without a care in the world. France offers a outstandingly deluxe comfort along with other world famous tourist attractions which few other places can offer.

Tips for Hiring a Car 

  1. Prefer a Car which can without difficulty hold you and your family without being too big – traffic can be a main problem in some cities.
  2. A GPS direction-finding system aids in travelling without getting lost in the wonderful country side and also helps in saving time.
  3. Check with different number of Car hire companies for the different prices so that you do not end up with a costly package. Travelling to France may be on the wish lists of every travel-ambitious person and you can make your trip even more outstanding by travelling through the country in a car.

Hiring a car in France will allow you to explore at your own speed and in comfort. You won’t have to worry about public transport timetables and will be able to set your own to-do list. Travelling by rental car will also permit you to see places that you might otherwise miss, giving you a real taste of France.

Europe Car


Several motorways link the city with other cities of France including: A1 & A3 – North, A5 & A6 – South, A4 – East, and A10 & A13 – West.

Peripherique is a multi-lane highway in Paris which is regarded as the most preferable roadway to drive through the city center.

Another ring road located just 10 kilometers away from Perpherique is called L’ A86. The third ring road is called La Francilienne and is located much far from the city center.

Traffic on these roads is quite heavy. Hence try not to drive near the Paris Metro Area. Instead you can drive to any suburban railway station that has a parking lot and then board any train to continue your journey throughout the city.

Parking places are quite difficult to find. It’s advisable to rather use the vast network of public transportation system instead of driving, especially if you are not familiar with the streets of Paris.


Italy being one of the most visited countries in Europe has always been a dream destination for tourists. No matter what season, it is always fully crowded with people. Due to all these rushes one cannot find a cab in time. Hence you need to go for a rent a car option. Recently, many rental car companies have been established in Italy, which provides you with easy, less costly and affordable rental cars.

Car rental services offer many benefits. They make renting a car not only easy and quick but also affordable for the tourists. They have a wide range of vehicles and these vehicles are normally of common car brands and types to most tourists.

Before applying for renting a car, you should choose the best car rentals Italy. Get the knowledge about different car rentals with the help of search engines over the internet. Compare the pricing options and renting rates of different car rentals companies, in order to choose a best car for you.

Select the car which suits you and your budget. Make sure there aren’t any additional charges along with renting fee. Check the age limit, as many companies provide their services or give car on rent to only those who are above 25. In order to save money as well as time, you should go for a rental that are nearer to your residing area.

While choosing car rentals company in Italy, you should consider these few tips mentioned. You should drive the car safely as in case of any accident you will be responsible of all the damages. You have to pay both for the damages and for the days the car in repair. In order to get the best offer you should also take the help from the internet.

Benefits of Car Rental services are many and rewarding. Firstly, there is no maximum number of renting cars by one person. Secondly, the rent can be paid with both credit cards and debit cards with secured server for confirming the reservation with payment. This feature is to ensure the interested tourists that their credit cards or debit cards information sent online or via telephone booking is secured. In addition, a cash deposit can be used if the tourist has no credit card or debit card.

Both cards will have full coverage regardless of the number of rental days. The rate is guaranteed in the U.S. dollars and reservation can be made online or via telephone booking as the services are available 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. There will be no cancelling or changing reservation once a reservation has been made. Insurance coverage is extensive and it includes theft, collision damage, lost keys, and damages to any of the vehicle’s body parts.

With great rates and superior service, one could agree that renting a car in Italy is an added enjoyable experience apart from the sightseeing and unforgettable trips to numerous landmarks in Italy.

Car rentals Italy websites also vary in different categories: discount rentals which give up to 40% discounts for early customers; cheap rentals that offer as low as $300+ for a whole week rental. Most of these car rental websites even give a complete overview of Italy and its driving regulations.

When you are hiring a car in Italy, you need to make sure that the rental company provides you with Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection as these are compulsory in Italy. Your agency should also inform you that you must have an International Driver’s License.

You could not rent a car there when you are below 25 years old. All agencies require a Young Driver Surcharge.

Most of the car rentals Italy companies give many freebies. This is most possibly because Italy has been one of the top five countries with a large number of visitors’ attendance. They throw in map of Italy’s top destinations, unlimited mileage and surcharge-free pickups in some locations like train station and airport.


From Fiumicino Airport to City Centre

  • You will find cabs right outside the airport. Cabs in Rome are white.
  • From the central part of the city to the airports, the fares are fixed. From Fiumicino to City Center, the cab fare is 40 EUR. From Ciampino (the other airport1) to City Centre, fare is 30 EUR.
  • For other destinations, fares are not fixed. But you don’t have to bargain on that as regular taxis have a taximeter.
  • Around 1 EUR is charged per luggage.

From Civitavecchia Port to Rome City

  • A private car with driver would cost 130 EUR upwards per car. You will find many car service providers outside the port.

Getting Around in the City

  • Taxis in Rome aren’t cheap at all! But there are set rates for some of the travelling points. The minimum official fare is 3 EUR, 4.5 EUR on weekends and 6.50 EUR at night (10 pm – 6 pm).


The Florence city is well connected to the rest of Italy by an organised network of excellent highways. In fact, the easiest and fastest way to simply enter and exit from the city is through the A-1 Autostrada. This highway connects Florence to Bilan, Bologna and the North. If you want to travel to and from Rome and other parts of southern Italy, then you are supposed to use Firenze-Impruneta exit.

Driving inside the historic center is strictly prohibited except for the residents who have proper permit papers. Don’t think you can outrun the enforcement as the traffic is controlled by several cameras which are severely efficient. Also parking a car in parking lots or garages is quite expensive and costs around EUR 30 per night.

In fact, there are three types of parking places in the streets of Florence: yellow, white and blue. White is for the residents, the yellow ones are for the reserved taxis, and the blue places are for the tourists, and the parking costs about EUR 1 per hour.

There is a good news for you if you prefer self driving: there is a free parking area at Piazzale Michelangelo and most importantly this facility is available at all hours throughout the day. You can simply park your car here and walk for 20 minutes to reach the city center. In fact, the historic center is within walking distance too, giving you an option to avoid boarding public transports and drive through the streets of Florence and enjoy the gorgeous views.

Travel by Taxis
Taxis are quite expensive in Florence considering the shorter distance between the destinations. However, if you are traveling in larger groups and sometimes late at night, then it’s the best option.

Well to board a taxi, you are not required to hail for the cab, rather you need to book a cab from the cab service or go to any of the taxi stands nearest to your location. If you need to board a flight or a train early morning, then you should book the taxi in advance and reserve the taxi. Also, the taxi services in Florence offer a wide range of discounts and that to quite often, especially to women travelling at night or for trips to a hospital.


Well, cars are also an important mode of transportation in Venice but they are supposed to be parked at the city entrance, be it Piazzale Roma or the Tronchetto. Beyond this point, there are no roads leading to the city and you must keep in mind the most important thing if you are planning to travel via car, i.e. car parking is extremely expensive in Venice. The cost varies from EUR 26 for 12 hours to EUR 30 for 24 hours timeline. Rather an alternative option would be to park your car on the mainland, near Mestre railway station and board a train towards Venezia St. Lucia. The trains are available at every 8-10 minutes and costs around EUR 1.2 per person. However, if you are ongoing to Lido, you can simply use car ferry from the Tronchetto.


 Some of the main roads and highways linking Milan with the other parts of Italy include:

  • Autostrada del Sole or A1 Highway is a huge motorway with six lanes that link Milan to Florence, Bologna, Naples, and Rome.
  • Another important six-lane motorway called A4 Westbound is known for linking Milan to the Western Alps, Turin as well as France.
  • The AutostradaSerenissima, popularly known as A4 Eastbound is rather an eight-lane highway linking Milan to the cities of Venice, Padua, Verona, Bergamo, Brescia, as well as Slovenia and Trieste.
  • The A7 motorway connects Milan to the Ligurian Riviera, Genoa, and Cinque Terre.
  • The AutostradadeiLaghi or the A8 also known as the ”Highway of Lakes” is also an eight-lane linking Milan to Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, and the remaining parts of Switzerland.
  • The A9 motorway is of four lanes and links Milan to Western Ticino and Varese in Switzerland.
  • The Ringroads known as A50, along with A51 and 52 connects the several motorways spread across Milan and greatly helps in forming a 6-lane road all around Milan.
  •  By Taxi
    The prices of taxis are comparatively cheaper in Milan if you can book in advance especially for sedans and minivans. You can also book licensed limousines that are provided by several companies, and the bookings are done online. The only disadvantage to pre-booking of taxis is the fact that the taxis are to be booked at least before 24 hours and as a result, you need to make the planning much ahead to enjoy the services of the fine taxis available in this city.


Germany is the ideal destination for most of the tourists because of its historical connections and impressive architecture. There are a lot of things which attracts the tourists because of its culture. Till now history of Germany was not touched by modern development.

You can enjoy visiting Germany, if you have a car. If you do not have your personal car, you can take a car on rent with the help of car rentals Germany. You will find various car rentals companies in Germany. Most of them offer cheaper rates so you can conveniently travel in Germany. Also, there is no toll road because of which renting a car in Germany is cost-effective.

There are varieties of cars offer by car rentals companies in Germany. You can choose a car on rent according to your requirement. You will find different types of cars depending on their purpose. You may find a car for beaches and for touring cities. Also, cars are categorised into many groups. You can choose sports car, luxury car, economy car, automatic car and many more.

Different car rentals companies in Germany have different renting rates. This variance may depend on company and on many other factors. These factors may include type of the car, number of days, mileage and much more. Remember, if your residential area is too far from the company then you might be charged extra.

Before getting a car from a rental company, you should go through all the terms and conditions of the car rentals companies. Also, by using internet you can make a comparison of pricing options from different car rental companies.


You can rent a car and get around the city. In fact, Frankfurt is a driving-friendly city that had a regulated system governing the parking. There are many remarks that you can approach for renting cars that are in good condition.
Travel tips:

  • Avoid using cars to hot tourist spots on weekends.
  • Use the parking garage priced at 8 euros for the entire day, if you want to enter the city.
  • Look for parking that are reserved for the locals. Look for parking signs, else you might attract a fine.
  • Do not drink and drive. The law is stringent when it comes to the influence of alcohol while driving.
  • Stick to the speed limits.

Taxi drives are plenty and the fares are high. There are bike taxis that can be used by one or two passengers that let you explore the city fast.
Travel tips:

  • Taxi drivers tend to drive fast. Let them know of you feel uncomfortable.
  • The drivers may take a detour if they identify that you are new to the city. So, be informed of the distance.
  • Not all taxis are licensed to drive to the airport. So, be very careful before boarding an unauthorised taxi.

Car rentals in Europe are a sensible and cost-effective option. No other mode of transportation allows you the convenience, privacy, flexibility and utility of driving yourself around. Save on cost, de-stress yourself. Enjoy the same freedom and flexibility you have back home. Rent a car in Europe and discover its romantic beauty intimately.

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