franceA trip to France is eternally pleasurable and mesmerizing. It is one of the top travel destinations in the entire world, with over 80 million tourists a year, France is the most visited country, as it has everything you need for a great vacation: a romantic city such as Paris, beautiful sandy beaches, a rolling countryside, spectacular mountain views and fine cuisine. France is one of the most enigmatic, beautiful and amazing countries of the world. It is a beautiful blend of culture, music, dance and art.

Immortalised in illustrious artworks and boasting some of Europe’s most picturesque cities, Alpine resort villages and Cliff side Mediterranean towns, France provides visitors more iconic and extraordinary experiences than almost any country in the world. Home of the great architectures of all time and unrivalled culture, France is no doubt a wonderful destination worth exploring.

Almost every passionate traveller has a lifelong relationship with France. The country seduces its visitors with a beautiful culture which is rush around excellent markets, first rated cafe terraces and a string of bistros with the tagline “plat du jour”. While some visitors are in awe of the numerous restaurants, world well-known food and picturesque villages, others prefer following the track of the great French artists, writers and philosophers. The country is all about world famous architecture and art with more than 85 million tourists every year flocking to feast on some of the world’s most extraordinary wealth of galleries, museums, ateliers and cultural experiences.

It is known for its geographic variety as well and contain areas which are completely contrast from one another. Some of the most attractive ones are the urban grace of Paris, long beaches along the Atlantic, sunny weather of the French Riviera, the winter sports of the Alps, historic Normandy, and the Celtic Brittany. Also French food gets huge importance all over the world. Be it warm croissants or wine, you cannot refuse to accept the French lifestyle. France won’t be disappointing you when it comes to some outdoor action as well. You can walk barefoot on the beaches of Mont St Michel, or you can ride cable cars on the glacial panoramas of the Chamonix, the outdoor activities are as thrilling as its architecture and art.

France has 37 sites adorned in UNESCO’s World Heritage List and features cities of high cultural interest, beaches and seaside resorts, ski resorts, and rural regions that many enjoy for their beauty and tranquillity.

All in all a travellers paradise, where in you will have a tryst with the divine art, breathtaking architecture, stirring history, panoramic mountains, beautiful seas and in the end will get lost in the majestic landscapes of France.

 Must-see destinations in France


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