Frankfurt – The manhattan of Europe

FrankfurtAs home to the largest financial center in Europe Frankfurt Germany has a distinction which sets the city apart. It is a thriving location, with plenty to do and many attractions to see. High rise structures line the city space, and the city is awake and alive around the clock, and full of vitality. Frankfurt  Germany’s fifth largest city, has emerged as one of the two largest financial centre’s in continental Europe, as well as being among the world’s financial elite. Although it is one of the major business hubs in the world, it is also an extremely popular destination with vacationers.

With the abundance of banks and large businesses located in the city, this has helped craft an remarkable skyline. Actually, two of the four tallest buildings in Europe are found in here, giving rise to the appropriate nickname of “Little Manhattan”. The city’s skyline is one of the most modern in Europe.

You will notice, the tourist attractions to be interesting. Incredibly, this destination offers a picture perfect blend of old and new. What is most prominent about Frankfurt is its open and hospitable atmosphere with people from different cultural backgrounds living in peace and harmony.

The tourist attractions are not restricted to the impressive skylines but also offer many other facets of the distinct variety. Ebb lwei pubs near to the skyscrapers at the heart of the city center are a major draw for the tourists. Here you can even go on exciting excursion tours. It is famed for its art wealth; it is the biggest art city in Europe. There are various museums full of art in the area covering all genres and for this reason visitor’s flow to the city throughout the year.

Apart from these views, a tourist can also enjoy the warmth of its hotels and the numerous bars and restaurants all over the city. And for those looking to connect in a shopping therapy, then there is ‘the Zeil‘, the most famous shopping street in the Whole of Germany, which is located in city centre.

Frankfurt offers travellers varying means of transportation in, out of, and around the city; in fact, the International Airport is among the top ten busiest airports in the world. A train station is located at the airport as well, making intercity travel fairly suitable. Within the city, public transportation includes buses, above ground trams and the S-Bahn and U-Bahn underground train lines.

From May to October, it holds various art based conventions and this attracts a majority of tourists. You can also decide to travel during the off season which falls during the months of July and August.

Behold the beauty!

With a population that spans well over 2.3 million, it is a new age city which promises to behold your gaze and interest with innumerable options for tourism, transportation, cultural events and much more! It is known that Frankfurt has one of the busiest airports in the world, which is descriptive enough to understand how this city happens to be a hustling and bustling ground for tourists and workers alike. It is also ground zero for many European headquarters, European central bank, German federal bank and the its stock exchange.

The youthful flair

Home to some of the most influential educational institutions across the world, it is a one of the most desired study destinations in the world, where students seek admission to the prestigious Frankfurt school of finance and management, Goethe University and more. The student populace has a major part in making the city vibrant and gives it a youthful flair.

The perfect blend

Spread with lush greenery, Frankfurt is also characterised by various fun arenas and adventure including German sport unions for various motor sports and Football. Several high-rise buildings in the city form the its Skyline, among which, Europaturm and Messeturm are one of the tallest completed set of buildings. The city is divided into urban and metro areas, each constituting a different set of population.

Come, let’s explore the marvels of this city!

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