IrelandIreland is a splendid landscape compassing the beauty of nature, art and history in its richest forms. The real history and lovely local people with the trust in humanity and music are the strength of character of Irish culture. This beautiful Island holds many wonders, both natural and man-made. Ireland is a land which captures and enthralls the imagination while flooding all of your senses. Home to lush green landscapes, radiant seas, secret coves, remarkable mountains and welcoming people, it has a little of everything to offer. As you travel through the countryside, you’ll quickly be familiar with its signature progressing green pastures. It is enough to breathe new life into any weary traveler back to life with a calm and peaceful beauty.

It’s best known for its beautiful natural landscape, and the country plays host to 3 World Heritage Sites, and numerous sites which are being considered as future World Heritage Sites. You’ve most likely seen sites from around its featured in movies or television shows, because the natural beauty of the island makes a perfect backdrop.

The most popular places in Ireland to visit is the Dublin, the capital of Ireland. Beside this the places like Newgrange, Killarney and Galway there are so many places which are not very well known. For example the countryside small towns and villages around west Cork like Glengariff and many more. The coastal towns are beautiful.

The first thing you have to do to get the real Irish experience is to step into a pub and get a taste of what pub life is like. There are many tours available which will take you to some of Ireland’s most famous pubs. There are also legendary pub tours, where you can repeat the steps of famous Irish poets such as Joyce, Beckett, and Behan, see where they lived. No tour to Ireland would whole without a few rounds of golf. As many travellers know, it is one of the leader golfing destinations in the world, with over 400 golf courses and some of the best ranked golf courses in the world.

The Ireland is a very beautiful place, with a great array of scenery ranging from wild and isolated areas of mountain, to gentle pastoral landscapes, spectacular coastal drives, to quiet inland lakes and waterways. All these are within a day’s easy drive of each other in an island that is some three hundred miles long and about half that width.

Whether you prefer to spend your time exploring the magnificence of nature or the history of man, Ireland offers many treats for your senses. The smell of clover, the sight of the beautiful countryside, the silence of a quiet glen, and the taste of corned beef & cabbage followed by a Butler’s chocolate await you in Ireland.

It should also be famous that Ireland is a magical place, that leaves its mark on all who visit. It is a land of leprechauns, fairy thorn trees, of myths and legends, and of far-fetched tales which you can never quite tell whether to believe or not. If you allow yourself to fall to its magic, you will want to return to Ireland again and again.

It’s beauty makes it a wonderful travelling spot. Many travellers even visit to Ireland every year, because they become so in love with the countryside and the friendly culture. That is clear; it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The perfect time to visit is in July or August, which enjoy sensibly warm weather with long sunny days and short nights. The weather is so pleasant and good that your vacation is sure to be enjoyable. Summer is the peak season to visit this marvelous place. Spring and autumn are also quite popular month for tourists; however, winter is generally cold and unfriendly.

Religion, tradition and history being the backbone of Ireland, the country is full of historical sites, from Neolithic stone circles to ancient churches, castles, forts, museums and mansions. It also has beautiful gardens and parks, which are luminous green with luxuriant flowers gives your eyes a soothing taste of environmental beauty. From rocky cliffs and frightening mountain tops, to broad stretches of sandy beaches and blue sea, from busy cities to calm villages, and from conventional old world customs to modern new lifestyles, Ireland has something for everyone. All this and more makes Ireland a dream destination for travellers.

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