ItalyItaly, along with Greece, is regarded as the origin of Western culture. It is also the birthplace of some of the greatest UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The country is famous all across the globe for its uniquely delicious cuisines, popular fashion industry, diverse cultures, luxury motorcycles and sports cars. For the admirers of nature, the country offers some of the most beautiful coasts, mountain ranges, and alpine lakes in the world.With a record 48.6 million tourist footfalls in a year, the country is currently ranked 5th on the list of the most visited place on the face of the earth. What makes the country a paradise for the tourists from across the globe is the fact that the climate is highly diverse and comfortable.

The summers are dry and hot whereas the winters are damp and cold. Also the climate around the mountain area remains cold throughout the year. Whereas the coastal areas are mostly experience a mild and moderate weather. Also most of its cities breathe art and history. With almost 200,000 years of human in habitance, the country is a hub of robust cultures and traditions which in itself attracts several tourists throughout the year.

To plan for a trip to Italy, make sure that you research well in order to secure an easier and cheaper trip. Don’t forget to get all the necessary documents verified including your passport and ID card well in advance. If you wish to extend your stay beyond the limit of 90 days, then you need to make a visa. All the information is available in the Italian embassies located in all the major cities of almost every country.

Also you should make some preparations regarding the local rules and norms in order to avoid any sort of disappointing experience. Packing according to the weather condition during the time of your visit is very important. Try to find out about the local essentials and other requirement before your visit in order to plan accordingly.

The country is the land or ancient cultures and divine art. Each and every city has something or the other to attract your interest be it magnificent architectures, boundless paintings, delicious food and beautiful music. So much so that every time you visit Italy, you will feel like re-discovering the country over and over again. There are several cities in Italy which deserve your attention and no matter how long you plan your trip for these cities are a must visit. Some of them include Florence, Rome, Venice, Milan, Turin, Naples, Bologna, Verona, Palermo, and Genoa.

Must-see destinations in Italy

    • Rome – The capital city of Italy and also of the Roman Empire till 285 AD. It’s a heady mix of vibrant culture, haunting ruins, and magnificent art as well as architecture.
    • Bologna- One of the greatest university cities in the world; filled with culture, technology, history, and food. The city is line with cafes, arched colonnades, and Renaissance structures like City Hall, Basilica di San Petronio, and Fountain of Neptune.
    • FlorenceKnown as the Renaissance city, this is the hub of magnificent art and architecture. It’s the cradle of the romantic, utterly irresistible and enchanting sights like the Duomo by Brunelleschi and David my Michelangelo.
    • MilanThe prime fashion city in the world at present; center of business and trade. It’s the hub of high end shops and restaurants as well as the National Stock Exchange.
    • NaplesThis UNESCO World Heritage Site marks the origin of pizza. The city has centuries of magnificent art and architecture, dating back almost 2nd million BC.
    • Pisa- This city is located in the Tuscany region just before the Ligurian Sea. It is widely known for the mesmerizing Leaning Tower of Pisa.
    • Turin- This city is the capital of the Piedmont region of northern Italy. It is known for its refined art, cuisine, as well as a historical and industrial center, the home of automobile company FIAT.
    • VeniceThis beautiful city is known for its robust art, history, and canals. It is the capital of the Veneto region located in the northern part of Italy. The city is built on over a 100 islands on the Adriatic Sea. The city is lined with many Gothic and Renaissance Palaces.
    • Amalfi CoastThis popular coastline is rocky and extremely beautiful. The coastline stretches for around 50 kilometers and is located on the southern edge of Sorrentine Peninsula close to the Campania region. Rugged shoreline and sheer cliffs make the coast a popular tourist destination.
    • Cinque TerreThis region is a collection of five scenic towns and is located along the coast of Liguria. The five towns are known for their bunch of colorful houses, vineyards, harbors, and seafood specialties along the coastline.
    • PompeiiThis old city is known for its destructive dormant volcano Vesuvius, as well as the amazing view of the coastline of Naples. The city was almost wiped out in 79 AD during the eruption of Vesuvius volcano. The city revived greatly after being close to destruction.
    • Sardinia- This large island is known for its lovely beaches, megalithic monuments, and beautiful landscape. This Island has over 2000 kilometers of sandy coastal beaches and mountainous regions which are perfect for hiking trails. There is thousands of Bronze Age stone shaped ruins spread across the island.
    • SicilyThis beautiful island is popular for its seascape, archaeological sites, and best Italian cuisines. It is one of the largest islands in Italy and is separated from the country by the Strait of Messina, Mediterranean Sea, and the Tyrrhenian Sea.
    • PugliaThis southern city is known for its hill towns, long Mediterranean coastline and vast farmland. Usually regarded as the “Florence of the South”, the region is a is known for its vibrant century old farmlands, long coastline and whitewashed hilly areas.
    • UmbriaThe green heart of the country, this city is famous for its dense forests, medieval towns, and local wines. This city shares its border with Lazio, Tuscany and Le Marche and is the only Italian region that doesn’t share its border with any other country or even the sea.
    • TuscanyThis Italian region is best known for Renaissance architecture, art, Michelangelo’s David, Duomo Basilica and Botticelli’s sculptures in Uffizi Gallery.
Rome Florence
Venice Milan
Puglia Italian Lakes
Tuscany Amalfi Coast
Liguria Sicily
Umbria Sardinia
Cinque Terre Naples
Pompeii Turin

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