SwedenSweden is an enjoyable place to see breathtaking sights that you would be grateful for and wish they are in your own country. It offers one of the best tourist attractions around Europe that you get to closely see and valued. The country of Sweden is gifted with abundant natural beauty and numerous Tourist Attractions. Here one will find the green fields of the south and the tundra climate of Lapland, highlands and wooded cliffs, scenic islands and the calm coast in the Gulf of Bothnia, the great lake system, and a diversity of wild animals. All of this attracts a large number of tourists to the country. And its rich history and beautiful cities give a chance to view a unique culture.

The capital, Stockholm, is without a doubt one or more of the worlds finest and is known as one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. In the 13th century, the city served as the residence of the Swedish royal family and the capital of the vast country of Sweden. The old part of the city is completely located on the island Stadsholmen. No vehicles are admitted here.  Tourists gather towards town for its shops, nightclubs, waterways, museums and parks. It can be appealing to note that even as Stockholm is definitely modern and first-world, among its attractions is an old town with medieval, cobblestone streets. The most renowned attractions include the Royal Palace, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, which was the coronation place of Swedish monarchs, the Antique Museum, the Palace Church, the Armoury, and the Treasury.

Sweden is certainly a dream destination. Incredible places can be explored in the notch of time. From Stockholm, there are two renowned UNESCO sites: the Royal Palace Drottningholm which served as the residence of the royal family, and the magical Skogskyrkogården or Woodland Cemetery.

Some choose the winter months for its nice areas to do winter sports like skiing and snowboarding or prefer to watch the Northern Lights which is best viewed between September and March. Some prefer the summer months especially during The Midnight Sun Times which happens from late May to mid July where one can exactly have a sun tan at midnight. Others do go there on Sweden holidays for the great party and environment of the big cities like Stockholm and Malmo, or for the quieter times travelling to see castles from different centuries. All in all, going to Sweden is a meaningful undertaking thanks to the many incentives it gives due to road and rail network changes making the country more easily reached to all.

Swedish is the national language, but almost all Swedes speak good English. Several Swedes are thoughts to be heavy coffee drinkers who in addition have a liking for vodka. The world-famous Absolute Vodka originates in Sweden.

Sweden is also known for crystals. You can find the Kingdom of Crystal in Smaland province in Southeast Sweden. World famous glassworks are the hallmarks of this place. Kosta is the oldest glasswork in the country and you are surprised when you see the glassworker work in front of the furnaces. So for crystal riches, do visit the Kingdom of Crystal.

The Swedes have a high standard of living; they have captivating architecture, a panoramic coastline and are blessed with amazing islands. These are just some of the things that Sweden has to offer its visitors. It has got to be the safest of all of the Scandinavian countries. It might steal your heart, but that’s all that will be stolen.

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