United Kingdom

United KingdomThe United Kingdom is among the top 10 travel destinations because this country is steeped in historical significance. Great Britain or UK has a rich history of conquering the world in battle, exploring new countries and inventing all kinds of life changing inventions.

It is a sovereign state and it is located off the northwestern coast of continental Europe. The UK consists of four constituent countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Their capitals are London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast respectively. The colonial land is a great vacation spot which offers limitless places to explore. There is store for everyone – be it singles, couples, students and families.

The Exploration of the world brought great wealth to the European Continent with countries like Spain, Portugal and France taking centre stage but it was the UK whose industrial revolution fueled the European expansion.

The United Kingdom witnesses a temperate climate with abundant and perennial rainfall. The temperature fluctuates with changing seasons, the approximate minimum temperature being 10 degrees and the maximum temperature being 35 degrees. It witnesses snowfall in winter and early spring.

Tourism continues to be an important element of the British economy with nearly thirty million foreign visitors a year. The UK offers some of the world’s most popular vacation destinations, from historic cities to tranquil ocean views. There are lovely country houses, majestic castles, unique structures and ancient monuments. The reasons so many folks choose the United Kingdom, particularly Great Britain, as their destination are endless.

UK architecture is the backbone of the modern world architecture and its breathtaking museums are a must to visit. The UK also offers visitors a vast range of events and activities throughout the year. Golf lovers will be fascinated by the high quality of golf courses in the UK.

There are also numerous galleries and museums where you can immerse yourself in ancient artefacts and historical relics of the UK, not to mention some of the world’s most prestigious art pieces and collectors’ editions.


The capital of England is London, a city well known for its history and cultural magnificence. Northern England with its lakes, mountains, and rocky coastline represents a picturesque snapshot of country life. To the south the medieval city of York contrasts with the more faster pace of life in Liverpool and Manchester. Of all the vacation destinations in the UK, England attracts most visitors.

England with its regal luxury, pomp, and variety is glad to welcome visitors giving them many opportunities to relax and explore. Modern fashion, the refined kitchen, clubs, and ample opportunities to purchase modern wares makes England one of the leading countries in the world.


Scotland the land of bag pipers and the much talked about whiskey is the home of most beautiful landscape in the world with beautiful lotus and breathtaking mountains is completely a no miss. Edinburgh the capital city of Scotland is known for its beautiful castle and its medieval charm can be seen even today.

Other popular vacation destinations in Scotland include the city of Glasgow, Stirling (popular for the historically important Stirling Castle) Pitlochry and other towns of the Highlands and Fort William. The more adventurous tourists take their vacation in the Highlands and Islands with the Inner and Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland being some of the remotest parts of the United Kingdom.

Despite the fact that Scotland is a part of Great Britain, the Scots consider themselves their own nation. They have their own legislation, their own parliament, and their own independent economy. Scotland is the native land of golf and whiskey. If you are looking for an active way of life, Scotland is the place.


Wales is a predominantly rural nation with a number of fine castles and other historic tourist attractions. The small country, Wales has much to offer. Impressive mountains, picturesque sea coast, wild untamed rivers, fresh green valleys, and medieval castles and fortresses. Wales is a very friendly and hospitable nation. It has several large nature preserves and you can walk, ride a bicycle, ride horses or enjoy aquatic activities. There are many festivals and if you want nightlife the place to be is Cardiff.

Whatever your requirements for a vacation the United Kingdom, Great Britain can provide you with your ideal break.

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