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Currency, atms, credit cards : Currency converter

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Currency Converter

The Euro Currency Calculator

A Currency Converter calculator is used by merchant to calculate the up to date rates of any two or more currencies. Currency trading is also known as foreign exchange (Forex) and merchants must be able to verify rates that are regularly updated because the market vary rapidly. Calculators can also be used for other functions including making international purchases or for other international financial transactions, or when planning travel to a foreign country. The currency converter is a handy little piece of software.

The EURO – The Official Eurozone Currency

EURO is the official currency of the European countries and it consists of around 19 out of the total 28 member states of the EU. This currency is also used officially by the various institutions of the Eurozone and also four other European countries.

Tips to Save Money When Travelling in Europe

Budget travel is all about being smart. You don’t need to give up on seeing the things you want to see simply because you are on a shoe string budget. Its amazing how many people travel the world but end up seeing nothing because its too expensive or their budget won’t allow it. What’s the point of travelling to Europe if you can’t afford to see ? The real purpose of budget travel is to cut unnecessary expenses and focus completely on those things you want to spend money on.

What Travellers Need to Know For Using Their Debit Cards in Europe

There is no question about it, debit cards are convenient, especially when travelling to Europe. It is widely recognised that the easiest way of spending your foreign money is with a debit card. A Visa or Mastercard will allow you access to your funds from pretty much any where in the world.

Travellers Cheque

The big thing about travellers cheque is that they are accepted worldwide and you will not have a problem en cashing them. Also, it is not easy to loot a cheque since you need to validate with a signature and valid photo identification. They permit the tourist to take advantage of smart rates of exchange. So next time you are travelling think of travellers cheque for added convenience and safety.

Best Way to Use Prepaid Travel Money Card in Europe

Prepaid travel money cards are rapidly becoming the favourite option among tourists to do transactions while they are travelling. They are high-speed replacing using foreign currency or travellers cheque as the primary paying medium during travelling. Prepaid cards permit you to load your card with any desired amount of money that falls under the minimum and maximum loading limit from financial institutions that offer this service. You can use it as a debit card to acquire money from an ATM or use it as a credit card to pay for the purchases made.

Tax Free Shopping in Europe

European Union Countries at entrance of many shops is likely to see a symbol “tax-free shopping for tourists”. It means that having done shopping in such a shop, you can effectively save money. The system of “tax-free shopping ” (TFS) is based on that in the European Union exist established rule: if you constantly live outside of the European Union, leaving EU, you can wholly receive back the sum of the tax on added cost (VAT), which you have paid at purchasing of the goods.


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