Carnival of Las Palmas, Spain : Till 10th March

Carnival of Las PalmasThe Carnival of Las Palmas, also known as Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Carnival is one of the most popular Carnivals in Spain. Carnival Las Palmas is a yearly occasion to rival Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival. Las Palmas Carnival has been celebrated in one way or another way over the last 5 centuries. It is one of the island’s major tourist attractions; it renovates itself astonishing the visitors with new acts and events every year.

Performers dance in colorful costumes bringing color and richness to one of the island’s oldest celebrations. International visitors and locals get into the party spirit taking it to the streets.

Carnival of Las Palmas is a sequence of Galas and Carnivals with the Queen Gala and Drag Queen Gala – the first in Spain in 1998 – being one of its most extravagant and theatrical.

There are contests for best costumes with one lucky winner being rewarded Queen of the Carnival.

The grand Carnival Parade takes place on the last Saturday and follows a route of over 7 km.

Children get in on the act too with lots of designated partying for the little ones crowning in a children’s parade towards the end of Carnival of Las Palmas.

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