Duckstein Beer Festival, Hamburg : 19th – 28th July

Duckstein Beer FestivalThe Duckstein Festival takes place in the welcoming atmosphere of Hamburg. Hamburg is the original home city of the Duckstein festival.

It is a summer highlight in Hamburg Harbour City. The theme of the Duckstein festival is Kunst Kultur Kulinarisches (art, culture, gastronomy).

Duckstein Beer Festival has long been a tradition in Hamburg with Music, design, international street theater, fine dining and of course the Duckstein beer. This open air festival moved to the Magdeburger Hafen in HafenCity 2014. Having grown in popularity, the new venue offered the additional space needed and allowed for a conceptual change. There are two main venues for the street performers and the aerial acrobatics.

In addition, the music tent at Dar-es-Salaam Platz is where you’ll enjoy the artists performing in a unexpectedly and delightfully unplugged atmosphere. There will be live music acts – jazz, soul, lounge – where you can kick back and enjoy a glass or two of Duckstein beer.

The program also includes:

Handmade and design market. Stand-up comedy and Fleamarket. While in Hamburg you might like to join one of the two exciting beer seminars run by Duckstein. These seminars offer an informative and interactive opportunity to learn more about the art of beer making. This out of the ordinary and distinctive beer has been brewed in Konigslutter with passion since the 17th century.

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