Eurochocolate Festival, Perugia, Umbria : 19th – 28th October

Euro Chocolate Festival in PerugiaInternational Euro Chocolate Festival in Perugia

Euro chocolate is a festival completely committed to chocolate, a centuries old custom in Perugia, Umbria taking place yearly in October, exactly after Summer when is shooting at full speed the chocolate eating.

The festival started in 1993 and is one of the most celebrated and valued Italian wine and food occasion.

As chocolate fair it has many places in the City centre that obtain in this way colours, atmosphere and tastes of the festival giving a new life to the streets and urban areas.

The event is enriching by tasting, show cooking, taste itineraries; spaces devoted to children and many others actions like the Chocolate sculpture.

A rich and welcoming outline as that of Perugia is one of the main factors for the success of this occasion, together with the capability of appealing the viewers by introducing him to the world of chocolate in a skilled and funny way. In the shared imagination, by the time Perugia is “The Chocolate City”, turning for the 9 days of the event in a real open air chocolate factory and shop.

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