International Festival of Pyrotechnic Art, Courchevel, France: Till 7th March

International Festival of Pyrotechnic ArtCourchevel, an attractive village cuddled in the French Alps, calls itself “the leading resort for mountain firework displays”. Come and stay in the delightful environment that Courchevel offers and see an International Festival of Pyrotechnic Art that is unique in Europe. It will mark its 16th International Festival of Pyrotechnic Art with a gorgeous sound and light show of fireworks.

In the middle of the soft blankets of snow, you will experience a magical mix of fireworks and music every Thursday evening during the festival. It’s a blast of gorgeous colors and sound.

Pyrotechnic artists from different countries participate in one of the most beautiful shows of its kind in Europe, bringing together the top mark specialists in the world of fireworks.

The pyrotechnics are examined on a positive list of factors including the requirement the artists avoid ‘dark sky’ moments, that the show is well placed with lots of variety and sound while flawlessly weaving the choreography to music.

The village resort contains the largest ski area in the world including skiing over Courchevel or the Three Valleys can readily be managed with lifts or runs over the ridges in between. While in the region, be sure to try dog sledding, snowboarding or skiing.

Hearts will be filled with emotion and eyes full of surprises as the beautiful pyro meets the white of the snow capped mountains.

This pyrotechnics festival is a contest with a series of fantastic fireworks displays, where specialist companies – come to show off their talents. Each year, over 8,000 audiences come and see the competition and enjoy the traditional torchlight drop by the resort’s ski instructors while they taste the mulled wine.

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