Leuvan Innovation Beer Festival, Belgium : Till 28th April

Leuvan Innovation Beer Festival

A very special beer festival that honours the centuries-old beer tradition while highlighting innovation and bringing breweries together to meet. Leuven’s reputation as Belgium’s beer city is constantly reinforced by the Leuven Innovation Beer Festival. Over the course of three consecutive weekends in April, you will be served a itinerary overflowing with hoppy goodness, ranging from beer tastings, beer walks, beer workshops, and brewery visits to surprising pairings with tasty treats, including chocolate of all things. The Beer Weekends begin and end with a beer festival.

With beer tours, tastings and brewery visits, learning about the ingredients and reciepe the city is more than ever the place to be(er). Top of the bill is the Zythos Beer Festival in the Braban­thal, the largest beer tasting festival of its kind in Europe. More than 100 Belgian brewers who produce 500 different types of beer, which you can sample on Saturday and Sunday and all in one location.

Here, craft brewers from around the world demonstrate their innovative approach and let you sample their beers. Their innovations are very diverse, ranging from the ingredients, the brewing techniques and production methods, the way they generate energy, their packaging, and even the origin of the recipe.

Beer fans travel from all corners of the planet to discover that Belgians really are the best brewers of beer in the world. A giant beer festival that is a must for a beer connoisseur.

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