Munich Strong Beer Festival, Starkbierzeit : 15th March – 6th April

Munich Strong Beer FestivalGERMANY, Munich Strong Beer FestivalStarkbierzeit, a 300-year traditional beer-swilling, belly-swinging, guttural-singing, mostly German celebration. It lasts 2 to 4 weeks depending on the venues.

Most beer-loving travellers have Munich high on their must-do list for an autumn visit. That’s when it’s Oktoberfest. Yes it is probably the best-known beer event in Europe and the whole world.

But the spring festival Starkbierzeit has crowds half as large, and beer twice as strong as the Oktoberfest.

If Oktoberfest seems a little too crazy for a first visit to the city, the Strong Beer Festival is a slightly more mellow introduction to Munich.

You can still dance on tables, sing rowdy drinking songs, admire the locals’ legs in “lederhosen”, and celebrate Bavarian culture. And of course, you can drink a lot of lovely local beer halls.

or around three weeks in early spring, breweries all across Munich set up their beer halls.

This beer festival might be the city’s best-kept secret. It’s actually even older than Oktoberfest, started in the mid 1600s, by Munich’s Paulaner monks.

The crafty monks concocted a beer beverage to sustain them through the Lent fast, and called their pick-me-up ‘blessed father’s beer’ or ‘the holy oil of St. Francis’. Finally, they settled on ‘Salvator’ – Latin for saviour.

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