Secret Solstice Festival, Iceland : 21st – 24th June

The not-so-secret Secret Solstice Festival is part summer solstice celebration, part music festival. Secret Solstice is all about taking advantage of one of the most unique experiences on Earth: partying during the summer solstice in Iceland’s capital Reykjavik. In its short time it’s been on the circuit, it’s quickly become a staple event on the Icelandic calendar and now attracts some of the biggest players in indie-dance music, a spectacular Nordic backdrop and a sun that never dips below the horizon.

As Iceland sits above the Arctic Circle, during summer it experiences a Midnight Sun, which means that you’re getting 24-hour daylight. Get ready for midnight pool parties in bright sunshine, exclusive raves in a glacier, dances in a 5,000-year-old lava tunnel and DJ sets in naturally heated lagoons.

At only five years old, this festival is unique in nature and ethos. Set during the brightest time of the year, the goal is to dance away the weekend in the midnight sun and experience music from both international and local Icelandic artists. Make a trip out of this festival and head up north to experience everything Iceland has to offer.

This year’s lineup has gotten bigger and better, this year featuring the likes of Black Eyed Peas, the pop king Martin Garrix, Rita Ora, Robert Plant, Morcheeba, Pussy Riot, Kerri Chandler, Jeremy Underground and Patti Smith and the Sensational Spaceshifters.

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