Setmana Medieval Festival and St. Jordi, Spain: 23th April – 5th May

Setmana Medieval Festival and St. Jordi

The legend of St. Jordi (San Jorge, Saint George) and the dragon is reenacted to bring back life at the medieval festival in Montblanc, Spain. This Setmana Medieval Festival and St. Jordi festival was created to promote the cultural activities relating to the Middle Ages legend of St. Jordi and the dragon.

St. Jordi is the patron saint of Catalonia and legend has it that he battled the fire-breathing dragon to set a princess free. The battle purportedly took place outside the walls of Montblanc. Where the dragon’s blood spilled, red roses now grow.

It is one of the most unique celebrations in Catalonia and takes location in spring, on 23 April. It is a very famous pageant that mixes culture and romanticism, celebrating both World Book Day and Valentine’s Day. While celebrating the feast of St. Jordi on 23 April, it’s traditional for men to hand red roses to the women they love.

It’s an amazing sight to see the streets strewn with red roses. However, this has developed over the years, so each males and females can receive books and roses. Book and flower stalls are set up all along the streets of Barcelona. The streets fill with people on foot round stalls, seeking out a gift for his or her liked, and for their own family and friends too. You will locate the cutting-edge publications, see well-known artists signing copies of their books, and of course, smell the fragrance of the roses. This curious festival comes from a aggregate of traditions from one-of-a-kind periods. It coincides, on one hand, with the reality that Sant Jordi has been the client saint of Catalonia for the reason that 15th century and then again, it comes from the famous legend of Saint George and the dragon and the old medieval subculture of travelling the Chapel of Sant Jordi within the Palacio de l.A.

The Medieval Week coincides with this day. The whole town is festooned with ancestral standards and coats of arms, while medieval soldiers and noble knights stroll the streets.

Festival highlights include a re-enactment of the fight between the saint and the dragon. And then there’s a medieval supper to enjoy, minstrels to hear and medieval markets to explore.

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