Snowattack Festival, French Alps : 26th January – 2nd February

Snowattack Festival in French AlpsSnowattack Festival in French Alps not to be missed. Skiing, DJs – it’s a power-charged electronica party.

Snowattack is an electronic music and snowsports festival held in the French alpine ski resort of Les Orres from 26th January – 2nd February. Snowattack is the largest ski, snowboard and music festival in Central Europe. France is elevated to its wonderful mountains, a week of skiing, endless parties and an unrivaled atmosphere with thousands of young people. In addition to the lively ski and snowboard tracks, the unforgettable experience is provided by the stars of international and Hungarian music. During the day, crazy races, Snow Volley, beer pong, snowman building contest, a massive treasure hunt, sports, fun and chill programs for snow lovers, afternoon cool parties, street party, sports and skill competitions, and at night, there’s plenty more fun to be had : torchlight skiing, quiz night, poker, stand up comedy and the amazing Snowattack Carneval, music and cultural programs, endless parties. For a whole week, the party rages in the town’s bars and clubs as well as on the slopes, soundtracked by a lineup of esteemed DJs and the best EDM musicians around. From international dance music stars to longstanding residents and lesser-known favourites of the organisers, the festival promises a high-energy soundtrack to the slopeside.

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