Solothurn Beer Days, Switzerland: 25th – 27th April

Solothurn Beer DaysDid you know that there are more breweries per capita in Switzerland than any other country in the world? This is your chance to explore the Swiss beer culture. No less than 30 Swiss breweries are inviting you to a beertastic event, held at Rythalle Soledurn in Solothurn.

Discover something surprising at this Swiss beer festival. Solothurn Beer Days is your chance to explore the Swiss beer culture in this atmospheric town located right between Basel and Bern.

So much to choose from in terms of regional food: sauerkraut, ham with potato salad, roast chicken, etc. For something special, head to the Wegglibeck Baranyai which offers freshly baked pretzels that are filled to order.

Or, cheese lovers should go and greet Ignaz who serves fresh raclette with warm potatoes and breadsticks on bread. There is also Dani who pairs his famous schnitzel bread with eggs.

Up to 50 Swiss breweries are ready to quench your beer thirst at Rythalle Soledurn in Solothurn. Think of a giant square circled by beer tents with more than 100 taps ready for your bidding including food stalls offering the best local Swiss nosh you can imagine.

The tourist office claims a big fave is the BFM (Brasserie des Franches Montagnes), have a quaff of their witbier La Salamandre.

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