The Grape Harvest Festival, Montmartre, Paris : Till 14th October

Grape Harvest FestivalFête des Vendanges, also known as the Montmartre grape harvest festival is one of the more popular Paris festivals, just after the Nuit Blanche and Paris Plage.

The grape harvest festival takes place in the area of Montmartre Hill in northern Paris, the only place in the city where vineyards are still being grown.

The events is held near the famous basilica of Sacré-Cuu, which is at the top of the hill. The old festival started on 1934 and since it is held every autumn for the enjoyment of Pris residents and the tourist who planned their visit to the festival’s days.

Exhibitions, concerts, parades, artisan and local products tastings and various animations will be provided this year again for children and adults, Parisians and tourists’ greatest pleasure.

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