Tortosa Renaissance Festival, Spain : 18th – 21st July

Tortosa Renaissance FestivalThis festival is titled The Splendour of a 16th Century City and it artfully recreates the atmosphere of that historical period.

During the four-day festival, Tortosa takes a giant leap back in time commemorating the culture and activities of yesteryear. The whole city becomes a stage. Image 3000 citizens wandering the streets in period costumes.

Add in over 500 actors constantly performing in the streets and the old town is transformed back to the splendour of the 16th Century. Tortosa Renaissance Festival is unique in its focus on this specific point in time.

The first festival took place in 1996.A descriptive notebook dating back to 1544 brought about the idea of holding a festival to revitalise the pride of the past. It wouldn’t be the festival it is today without the incredible participation of the local population.

It’s a festival where you will not only see the sights of days gone by, but the aromas of the ancient recipes being prepared will instantly transport you back in time.  Along with the renaissance cuisine there will be attorneys taking their oaths, jousting, music, international shows, comedy and drama.

Lots of street entertainments and nighttime festivities in the taverns. If you want to feel, see and smell history then Tortosa Renaissance Festival is a must-see!

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